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Project 01

Pharmacy service. How it works in the US?

Holy Trinity of American medicine - doctor-pharmacy-insurance company. Pharmacy to Pharmacy strife that what we call drug store - it is an ordinary supermarket with a mandatory department of pharmacy products and non-prescription medicines.

  • Client: Drug merchant
  • Role: Pharmacist
  • Year: 2015
Project 02

Over the counter drugs

This we call the Pharmacy - Prescription pharmacy with licensed pharmacists and certified. Pharmacy This may not necessarily be at some big supermarkets, but to be in and of itself, releasing both prescription, non-prescription medicines.

  • Client: Therapist
  • Role: Diagnosis
  • Year: 2015
Project 03

What to look for when choosing a drug?

Get the drug you are interested in and find its active ingredient. That it is designed to help you. All the rest - it's auxiliaries, which has two objectives: to help improve the absorption of the active substance and to give additional organoleptic properties.

  • Client:Family doctor
  • Role:Observation
  • Year: 2015
Project 04

Manufacturer drugs

The most expensive drugs are usually located at eye level. Take the time to look at the very bottom shelf. And pay attention to the capacity of the drug (ml pcs.), Because a lot of bubbles and boxes may have an elongated shape. This creates the illusion of more volume.

  • Client: Specialist Consultant
  • Role:Informing
  • Year: 2015
Project 05

Pharmacist - also a profession

Everybody needs money, and pharmacy staff is no exception, so many of them do not just recommend expensive drugs. Pharmacist deliberately says that your money there, but there is an excellent counterpart. Therefore, carefully check all the packets and tubes shown in the window.

  • Client: Manager
  • Role: Sale
  • Year: 2015
Project 06

Online pharmacy to help you!

That's the situation with pharmacy services in the United States. Taken for granted, as a matter of fact, how often do we, patients forget to say a big thank you to all our Patient these people who care about our health.

  • Client: Online Staff
  • Role:Accompaniment
  • Year: 2015

Pharmacy Service

With all the richness of choice of pharmacies, people usually serviced in the same pharmacy almost lifelong. This is due to the fact that good pharmacy requests to cover the client's policy or that medication and bills for medicines to the insurance company client. You do not get your prescription drugs, the pharmacy is not vyzvonit your insurance and will not get the nod to the fact that the insurance will pay for the medicine in a certain amount. Depending on the type of health insurance, up to the full value of the missing medicines client must pay the difference. Under this system easier to maintain in a pharmacy because it works directly with your insurance company and your usual array of medicines in a pharmacy has already been approved by insurance once and for all.

Home Delivery

Sometimes your medicine is waiting for you at home while you are still in the office of their family doctor. Contact physician computerized pharmacy: a doctor writes you not retseptik and right on your networked computer releases the electronic prescription to your pharmacist, pharmacy, one immediately gets the same electronically have good insurance and sends a courier to the final dosage to the patient. If it should pay, you can transfer money from your bank account to the account of the pharmacy or get your debit account in most pharmacies - they will pay how much it should be.

The data about your pharmacy stores each of your doctor, and vice versa. Very often, the insurance companies refuse to pay a particular medication and the pharmacist offer to replace it with a similar less expensive, and this is the case when your pharmacist calls the doctor and discuss the possibility of replacement.

  • The role of your pharmacist in your care is enormous.
  • I did not tell you the secret if I say that many kinds of medicines, to put it in medical terms, antagonistic to each other - incompatibility.
  • Your family doctor may not know that you are taking something else that has been endorsed by other specialists or simply bought over the counter.
  • But your pharmacist knows it.
  • And God forbid you use drugs incongruous, he immediately scores the alarm and report to your physician.
  • Pharmacist glues his signaturku personally for each patient.
  • With food, before or after.
  • If you missed the reception - it is possible or not to drink a double dose.

Delivery and re-order

All bottles of medicines sealed in opaque paper bag, they tacked on a list of medications and factory signatures. Patients should not take care of the replenishment of drugs - pharmacy computer for 3 days prior to the last pill has sent you Refills.

Pharmacists - wizards in white coats? That we see them behind the counters kiosks, they help us to cope with the first symptoms of the common cold, headache, and other attacks on our body. Pharmacists - experts in the field of manufacturing, research and sales of drugs.

Save on treatment?

Pharmacists often advise what is advantageous to them, not you. So what does that mean? But there is already possible options. The doctor in this case is much more effective. Firstly, he will advise the drug, taking into account all of your disease and possible complications - and is safer than the advice of a pharmacist. Secondly, even if the vehicle would be more expensive, or it can save you from all the problems, or at least make them much more rare - and it is more economical than the advice of a pharmacist.

So go ahead - to the allergist, dermatologist, gynecologist or physician. Now Spend a little time and money, not to pay the rest of his life (which became shorter).